English Language Arts

English Language Arts


English 9-Foundations of Literature

Ninth Grade ELA gives students a strong basis in the elements of literature.  Students look for deep understanding of text at a level that makes us ready for college and careers.

English 10-World Literature

English 10 presents students to common human themes from world authors.

English 11-American Literature

In 11th Grade students read texts that make up the American canon.

English 12-College Readiness

In senior year, students work on college reading and writing classes.

AP Language and Composition

The AP Lang class is a basic college-level speaking and writing class. Among other things, students learn to write evidence-based critical essays. They:

  • evaluate,
  • synthesize, and
  • Cite research to support their arguments.

AP Literature and Composition

The AP Lit test uses multiple-choice questions and free-response prompts to test students' skills in literary analysis texts.  Students learn:

  • Critical reading skills.
  • content,
  • Form and style of text. 
  • analyzing
  • interpreting literary texts and,
  • Composing clear and effective essays.

Creative Writing

Our creative writing course helps students learn about, and express themselves through the art of writing.

College Writing

College writing is a core class.  It helps students improve and master the principals of writing at a college level.