Social Studies

Global Studies I and II: The course covers Ancient Civilizations to the Age of Enlightenment. It is designed to create a foundation of knowledge in order to make and apply connections from history to the world around us.  It does not end with a Regents exam. What is learned in this class is necessary for Global History III and IV which are Regents exam classes.

Global Studies III and IV: The course picks up where Global Studies I and II leaves off, from the Age of Enlightenment to present day. Scholars are taught to use primary and secondary sources to critically think, read, write, and speak like historians. It ends with a Global Studies Regents exam.

Participation in Government: This semester-long course explores what government is, from its purpose to the traits of American democracy. It is a senior level course needed for graduation. There is no Regents exam at the end of this course.

United States History: The course covers the first Americans through present day. It studies many themes across history such as the ideas of democracy and opportunity. It also looks at the peoples who influenced and changed major events in US history. The course ends with the U.S. History Regents exam.