2017-2018_Happening Around School

2017 Spirit Week

2017 First Spirit Week

Spirit week is a chance for students to have a little fun with their look while at school.  One week is dedicated to Seniors only, the rest of the weeks is for the whole school to join in.  Here we have images from Pijama Day.

2017-2018 Spirit Week #2

Twin Day! Everyone gets in on finding a buddy or two or five to pair up with.  Even teachers and administrators join in on this one.  Look out for a picture of our Principal, Mrs. Ramos and Assistant Principal Ms. Martinez "twinning" it up.  You'll also see picture of student representing their favorite sports teams and everyone showing off their 90s swag.

2018 Senior Trip

Class of 2018 Senior Trip

The senior trip is a chance for seniors to have one moment of bonding. Over the course of three days and two nights seniors get to do a world of activities including paintballing, swimming in the pool and dancing.  There was a great bunch of fun to be had by all!