Mathematics Department


Mathematics @ SPHS

In the New York State, students must take 3 years of Mathematics. Some colleges want four years.  At Schuylerville, we offer students many math courses to build basic knowledge, as well as interest.  Classes have student centered learning, with teachers who have both deep knowledge of their content as well real life experience in fields that require mathematical backgrounds.

Math @ SPHS

Algebra 1

The purpose this class is to build on the math students learned in the middle grades. Algebra 1 will deepen and extend learning of linear and exponential relationships.  Students also learn methods:

  • For analyzing,
  • solving, and
  • Using quadratic functions.

 Algebra 2

 Building on work from Algebra I, students will add their knowledge of functions among other skills.


 You will learn geometry systems, changes, proofs, and properties of 2D to 3D figures.



This one semester course gives students the tools to describe changes in data and for making informed decisions or predictions. These tools include:

  • data collection,
  • descriptive and inferential statistics,
  • probability,
  • the use of technology.

 Analytic Geometry

This is an elective class.  It covers many topics. For example, it works with a branch of math that uses algebraic equations to describe the size and position of figures on a coordinate system.

 Finite Mathematics

This class is an elective.  It builds basic knowledge. Students study many topics. It will strengthen and advance your understanding:

  • of variables,
  • algebraic expressions,
  • equations,
  • functions,
  • Inequalities